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Brouncker, Brunker, Brunkard, Brancker…

In my quest to understand my whacky surname I’ve spent some time researching it.  I’ll write on the why of this endeavour another time.  One problem I’ve found is that researchers are lazy in their referencing.  This is a problem with most information on the internet as I’ve written about before.

To help my own research into the Brouncker family and it’s possible connection to the mine I’ve created a microsite and GEDCOM of its most notable line that has actual references.

This is something that the internet has lacked for some time and is my gift to the ever expanding pool of arcane knowledge out there,

To see my research and download a GEDCOM for your own use you can visit my microsite here.   There’s lots of lovely pictures on the microsite that don’t seem to transfer to the GEDCOM.  All referenced of course!



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