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I live in the inner city. Indeed, I have had family living within the canals going back 300 years. Sometimes I get the sense from government that city dwellers are regarded as an unfortunate remainder from history.

The air pollution issue is stark now. My daughter is currently commuting by foot through what is essentially N2O central and this before we discuss various particulates emitted from diesel.

There has been lots of lovely talk over the years about the errors of prioritising diesel, improving public transport etc. but we’re now well past the time to act when the air we breathe is literally harming us.

We’ve a new city council. I’ll be up and in their faces about this. I ask for the sake of my daughter that you consider doing the same.

Similarly, if you’re mad enough to be driving in to town for work and there’s a Luas, Dart or bus maybe give it a look?

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