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In addition to music my other occupation of mind and body is working the internet mines.  I’ve launched businesses, brands campaign in press and media and for the last two years I’ve been doing it under my own name.  This weekend my work with The Keogh Partnership in the digital marketing space got it’s own name and I am now a company director.  It’s definitely equal parts scary and exciting.  I have never blogged on this work before despite creating a section for it as I’ll be writing by blog posts on digital marketing and social media on the new website.

So if you like my rants about historical curiosities, science fact checking and guitars and think you’d like to read me pontificate about marketing online then keep an eye on

I’ll keep my personal stuff going here.


Mods and Rockers - Social Media and Digital Marketing

Now MD at Mods and Rockers – Social Media and Digital Marketing


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