Given that Dublin suffered a 45 year gap between having tramways as mass transit it was inevitable that some basic etiquette was lost.

As a regular Luas commuter and crank with a blog I think I needed this post to vent. If you are reading it thank you for your indulgence.

I plan to revisit this post as I think of more faux pas. Please feel free to contact me with your own suggestions.


Of course most of these are equally applicable to buses and trains.

Getting off the Luas? Great, let those getting on tag on first

This has to be my least favourite. The stop at Jervis Street can be a source of blind panic and is the best place to observe man devolve into something base. If you’re getting off the tram you probably have much more time to tag off than someone in a hurry to get on.

Don’t shove past someone in a wheelchair, carrying a white cane or with a buggy

Can’t believe I’m noting this but ever since I’ve been pushing a buggy around town I’ve notice that the panic to get into those sliding doors has meant that the weak and infirm are abandoned as though the zombie apocalypse had arrived.

Your bag has not the same entitlement to a pew as a person

Put it on your lap. It’ll be fine. That old woman will be grateful.

You won’t catch plague from the window seat

It’ll be grand. Also, that older person is too polite to tell you to shove over and could do with the perch your irrational fears blocking her from.


Nobody is trying to rob your genitals

Increasingly finding that some men need to keep their hands on their private parts on the tram. Actually, this is a bit of city wide problem.