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I won’t be shouting about connections to Amanda Brunker too often as it would possibly do us both a diservice.  Yes, her name and mine are the same with the mysts of time divorcing the spellings but not the possibility of a common male ancestor.

The only famous Brunkard/Brouncker/Brunker/Bruncard I’m likely to be going on about is William Brunkard/Brouncker/Brunker/Bruncard of whom I’m sure I’ll be doing some blogging again.   This week I caught notice of a previously unknown portrait of Great Cousin Willie recently sold at an auction.  Don’t spot the resemblance but what’s mad is that this was lying around in a stranger’s country house for years.

Thanks to Bender Grosvenor for blogging this one.


William Brouncker by Peter Lely

A younger William Brouncker by Sir Peter Lely

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