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Here is a small selection of photos from the Queen+Adam Lambert show on Saturday.

I’m a massive Queen and Brian May fan. May’s approach to the overall craft in mysic has had a big effect on me and how I try and make music.

It’s only the fourth time in 24 years that I’ve seen him play but the initial shock and awe of seeing him playing those songs never goes away.

Adam Lambert is amazing. He can sing. Crucially, he can be himself and fit in seamlessly. I hated that he had to make the point onstage that he’s not Freddie. There is a school of thought that keeps fans at home because it’s not Queen without Freddie.

That band is a moment in time for and to miss this new show on principles is to miss a real celebration of the music and the comaderie and communion of enjoying it with other diehard fans.

I’m also working away on a Queen related project. More on that soon.




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