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One error that is fashionable is citing adverse reaction data as a reason to avoid vaccination by Gardasil.  Look up Gardasil on and yep, you’ll be nodding your head and thinking “I may as well put Domestos in me tea” but then scroll down and you’ll these few:

Alcohol use (3)

Economic problem (3)

Foreign travel (3)

Hearing aid user (3)

Sexually active (3)

Blood product transfusion dependent (2)

Exercise lack of (2)

Family stress (2)

Fight in school (2)

Illiteracy (2)

Physical assault (2)

Refusal of treatment by patient (2)

Stress at work (2)

Verbal abuse (2)

At that point you might be thinking “it’s bad but it’s not that bad”

Then what you might do is put in Paracetemol, Calpol even Strepsils (there’s a couple of different types but they’ll all prove entertaining).

Here’ some from Strepsils:

Anaemia (1)

Granulocytopenia (1)

Leukopenia (1)

Thrombocytopenia (1)

Now, before you abandon any medicine for all time go back to the home page with the consent box you ticked without reading and read the page.

I’ll summarise:

Literally anything and everything that happened to someone in trials goes on this list so scientists can bash through the list and make sure nothing smelly is going on.  It’s not saying these drugs cause these things.  It’s saying these things happened to people that took those drugs.

When you’re done with that take heart.  WHO (and lots of other institutions) monitor what happens to people after these medications.  Constantly. No harmful side effect has disproportionately presented itself in vaccinated populations versus unvaccinated populations.

Their reports are here:

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