Film – Flamenco In Smithfield

I once had aspirations to transcend my hiberno-norse/ginger ethnicity to get into some musica Hispania. That was until my nylon strung guitar got mangled in a car accident somewhere between Naas and Dublin.

Blogs with videos are more personable and fun so I combined the unfinished business of getting latin with some decidedly un-latin and art-house pretentious visuals for this post. There’s a bit about the guitar at the end too.

Ta da!

Getting Iberian With Manuel Ferrino (The Guitar)

This week I’ve been graced with a Manuel Ferrino MFBC made by Freshman Guitars. This is a seriously quality instrument and I’ve put up a gallery below with a view captions. The build is top class, the set-up is righteous and the price is pretty agreeable at €399 from Dublin Guitar Centre
Dave F. in DGC there may have unintentionally have goaded me into picking this one over easier-to-play slimline models but after a day’s solid practice I reckon the traditional radius and string spacing actually easier for getting around.

Nails, Rasquedos, etc.

I truly haven’t been near a nylon string guitar in close to a decade so this was a daunting day of painful slow practice. Being a gigging electric guitarist I keep my nails trim so that was another disadvantage.

That said a day doing some decent exercises and a quick browse around YouTube and I’ve got something to share. Please forgive the mistakes! Either way I’m looking forward to getting some work into this amazing style of guitar playing.

Manuel Ferrino MFBC Up Close


Next video should be more like this I hope…